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TempZone 50 ft. Cable System with Heat Membrane and Touch Screen Thermostat (Covers 15.6 Sq. Ft)

TempZone 50 ft. Cable System with Heat Membrane and Touch Screen Thermostat (Covers 15.6 Sq. Ft)

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The floor heat kit with cable is for applications under tile, stone and nailed hardwood floors for rooms of any size and shape. It is ultra-low EMF by design, features a twin conductor with a 15 ft. cold lead and is to be installed at 3.75 in. intervals to meet the needs of any installation. It comes with the programmable nSpire Touch featuring a 3.5 in. full color touchscreen. The dual voltage (120-Volt/240-Volt) thermostat allows you maximum control over the floor temperature with 6-programmable events for each day of the week. Includes floor sensor. The Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane minimizes efforts while fitting a heating cable for electric floor heating. This cost and time-effective heat membrane allows quick installation of tile and floor heating over a variety of different substrates, such as plywood, concrete slabs or wherever heat is desired. There is no waiting required after installation so you can begin laying the flooring immediately.

Covers 15.6 sq. ft. at 3.75 in. spacing (recommended), specs: 1.6 Amp, 78 Ohm, 185-Watt, 120-Volt
PRODESO heating cable membrane roll: this cost and time-effective membrane allows quick installation of floor heating over a variety of different substrates such as tile, marble and stone floors, provides uncoupling and crack isolation benefits, features integrated channels are shaped to easily and securely hold the TempZone electric radiant floor heating cable, makes it easy to maintain proper spacing throughout an entire project
nSpire Touch Programmable Thermostat: this dual voltage (120-Volt/240-Volt) thermostat comes with energy log for tracking use and built-in self-testing GFCI, features child-lock function and a 3.5 in. full color touchscreen, complimentary floor sensor allows for energy efficient operation of your floor heating system, with the ability to set up 6 separate temperature events per day and the integrated install wizard, lets you customize your comfort while cutting down on operating cost
Circuit Check: this exclusive Circuit Check was developed by WarmlyYours for use in monitoring the floor heating system before, during and after installation, gives you peace of mind and ensures trouble-free installation of your radiant floor heating system, beeps immediately if the heating cable is damaged and a short or break occurs, will alert the installer to a potential problem before the floor covering is installed
Flexible heating coverage: 11-Watt to 15-Watt/sq. ft., 15 ft. cold lead

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