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Silver 64-Cup Airpot Coffee Brewer

Silver 64-Cup Airpot Coffee Brewer

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Easy to clean and heavy duty, this brewer is designed to produce large volumes of fresh, hot coffee in settings where it needs to be readily available. Designed for optimal speed and efficiency, this plumbed unit brews perfect coffee into an airpot where it stays hot and fresh to extend serving time. Ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, and more, Waring's Airpot Coffee Brewer has the added benefit of an easy-draw hot water faucet that provides water on demand for soups and drinks.

Brews 4-Gal. (sixty-four 8 oz. cups) per hour
Designed especially for airpots
Hot water faucet for soups, tea and other hot drinks
High-end industrial construction with wipe-clean stainless steel
Ready and power lights

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