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JumpBoost V10 Air 1200 Peak Amp Jump Starter with 150 PSI Air Compressor

JumpBoost V10 Air 1200 Peak Amp Jump Starter with 150 PSI Air Compressor

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JumpBoost V10 Air Ideally suited for everyday road warriors to weekend adventurists, the JumpBoost V10 Air is the perfect roadside companion for 4 cylinder to 10 cylinder gas engines.Taking up a minimal amount of space and handy to have while camping, tailgating, or for emergencies, the JumpBoost V10 Air is well suited to power your next adventure.Wagan Tech JumpBoost Battery Jumper with built-in air compressor is an amazing all-in-one portable unit that provides versatility and power exactly when you need it, whether it's on the road, at a campsite, at home, etc. Keep the JumpBoost Battery Jumper in your trunk and have confidence that you are prepared for a roadside emergency. With the JumpBoost Battery Jumper, you can inflate your own tires and jump start your weak or dead vehicle battery - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

Powerful jumper - 1200 peak amps, 600 cranking amps, and 120 cold cranking amps, jumper cable gauge: 5 AWG, 24 in.
Air compressor: supplying up to 150 psi, it can fill nearly any tire from a bicycle, passenger car, trucks, and even sports equipment and pool inflatables
Safety protection: jump starter protection: anti-sparking (via safety switch) air compressor protection: high-temperature automatic shut-down
LED work light: the built-in 200 Lumens LED is ideal for night-time emergency roadside repairs
Accessories included: 1 built-in 12-Voly DC socket, 2 built-in 2. 1 Amp shared USB port, and air hose nozzle adapter tips

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