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72 in. Pink Soft Wavy Foam UV Chlorine Resistant Water Pool Float, (2-Pack)

72 in. Pink Soft Wavy Foam UV Chlorine Resistant Water Pool Float, (2-Pack)

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Relax and lay in the sun for hours comfortably on the Lavender VOS Soft Wavy Foam Pool Float Loungers. Each 72 in. L, soft foam float is made to accommodate a single person to relax in open body water for hours. with a featured built-in luxury pillow, your head and neck will be supported while resting or reading a book. The full-length water mat has a simple, durable and comfy design for the ultimate pool-side lounging experience. Made of UV and chlorine-resistant material, you'll be able to spend hours in the sun and use this pool lounger season after season. The long water float dries quickly, so there's no need to worry about lugging a soaking wet raft into the car when transporting. When you're done relaxing in the sun, you can roll this raft up to a compact size and be on your way. With no inflation needed, you'll be relaxed and floating in the pool as soon as you jump in on the Soft Wavy Foam Water Pool Float Loungers.

Two 72 in. L, soft wavy pool floats are an ideal raft to relax in the sun for long periods of time
Lounge on the foam mat in any swimming pool, lake, river, beach or open body of water
High-end raft is 100% UV and chlorine-resistant for a lifetime of fun in the sun
Roll pillow supports your head and neck for maximum comfort and provides double-coated buoyant
Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl, each pool float has a 250 lbs. weight capacity
Dries quickly for mess-free storage and transportation

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